About Afri-Caribbean Exchange and Diplomacy Council (ACEDC)

Afri-Caribbean Exchange and Diplomacy Council (ACEDC) is a dynamic organization committed to fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships between the African continent and the Caribbean Region.
We serve as a bridge for trade, investment, tourism, cultural exchange, and diplomatic ties.


Our mission is to facilitate robust bilateral relations between Africa and the Caribbeans, promoting economic growth, cultural understanding, and diplomatic cooperation. We aim to enhance opportunities for trade and investment while celebrating the rich tapestry of our shared heritage.


ACEDC envisions a future where Africa and the Caribbean enjoy thriving partnerships, characterized by flourishing trade, sustainable investments, a flourishing tourism industry, deep cultural exchanges, and diplomatic alliances that contribute to the prosperity and unity of both regions.



One of our focal points is to continue to stimulate trade flows and investments between Africa and the Caribbean, fostering economic growth and job creation.


We envision to promote the diverse and vibrant tourism offerings of both regions, attracting visitors and boosting the tourism sector.


To celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Africa and the Caribbean through educational programs and cultural events.


To strengthen diplomatic relations, cooperation, and dialogue between governments, fostering peace and stability.

Explore Our Services

Trade Facilitation

ACEDC provides a platform for businesses to explore trade opportunities, access market information, and navigate regulatory frameworks.

Investment Advisory

We offer expert guidance on investment opportunities, incentives, and regulatory support in both regions.

Tourism Promotion

Afri-Caribbean Exchange and Diplomacy Council (ACEDC)organizes promotional campaigns, events, and tours to showcase the tourist attractions and experiences of Africa and the Caribbean.

Cultural Events

We host cultural festivals, exhibitions, and workshops to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Diplomatic Initiatives

Afri-Caribbean Exchange and Diplomacy Council (ACEDC) conducts diplomatic forums, conferences, and dialogues to strengthen political ties and cooperation.

The values we live by

With these principles, Afri-Caribbean Exchange and Diplomacy Council is dedicated to forging a brighter future for both Africa and the Caribbean through cooperation and mutual prosperity.


We believe in the power of partnerships and actively seek collaboration with governments, businesses, and organizations to achieve our goals.


ACEDC is committed to inclusivity, ensuring that our initiatives benefit all communities and groups within our regions.


We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our activities, promoting transparency and accountability.


We embrace innovation to find creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing our regions.

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